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Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Definition of Racial Reconciliation

"In obedience to God, racial reconciliation is a commitment to building cross-cultural relationships of forgiveness, repentance, love and hope that result in walking in beauty with one another and God."

Years ago, when I was called to pastor the Christian Indian Center in Denver CO, the Creator put a burden on my heart to understand his heart and his call for Racial Reconciliation.  So I started a small group and we did a survey of the Bible looking at as many references and stories in the Old and New Testaments that we could find regarding Racial Reconciliation.  The above definition is what we came up with.

Mark Charles

Additional resources regarding Reconciliation:
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- A Public Reading of the "Apology to Native Peoples of the United States" (Blogger)

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Kiersti said...

Do you have a list of those Scripture references somewhere?

Unknown said...

Agreed, Kiersti. That would be good. Thank you again Mark for keeping this important aspect of our life in Christ in front of our hearts and minds.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the words acceptance, tolerance,, and inclusion. I am of native American heritage, but have no tribe. My ancestors fled to the Appalachian mountains vs. reservations. As a child I was not a part of any racial group or clique. It was simply the family. I am the lucky one in my family, I look white enough I can fake my way through white America, but I have seen the struggles of my brothers and sisters. We are not accepted by the tribes because we can not prove our heritage on paper, we are not accepted by other cultures because we look different enough we do not fit. We do not need forgiveness, we have long learned how to be strong in the face of racial and cultural bias. I would rather see change and from my perspective, acceptance , tolerance and inclusion are the key for moving forward.

G said...

This definition presupposes that someone (everyone?) is guilty of racially motivated transgressions in order that forgiveness and/or repentance are required.
Without scripture references it comes off as arrogant, PC, and condescending nonsense.

Unknown said...

I also think as a people we can only make sense to others once we submit ourselves to His word, and that would also me not redefining what He has already defined. In conclusion I'm in support of the scriptural references to back up the claim.

Thank you.